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The Ultra Violet Irradiation has been used for decades as the most effective tool for mold, mildew and pathogen disinfection in facilities such as manufacturing, medical clinics, government buildings, offices, educational facilities, Laboratories and other indoor spaces with higher number of employees. 

The great benefit of Ultra Violet Irradiation is a continuous disinfection of evaporator coils as well as the air treatment for indoor spaces.  The UVGI emits powerful killing rays which are harmful to Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Spores and many other Pathogens. Respicaire UVGI Coil & Air Disinfection Systems prevent the growth of Biofilm and infecting indoor spaces. The UVGI Systems help inactivate airborne Spores and Viruses that may be recirculating through HVAC system. 

Many commercial buildings can suffer from biological build up inside their HVAC Systems. Consequently, they may to develop a sick building syndrome which is quite troublesome. The biofilm build-up on coils also decreases equipment efficiencies and creates unhealthy indoor conditions for building occupants.

Installing Respicaire Healthy Indoor Air Solutions will significantly improve indoor air and result in energy & maintenance savings. The UVC purification is effective, safe and affordable.

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