OdorMiser DTX

Advanced PCO & Carbon Matrix Air Purifier

Helps Kill, Oxidize & Absorb VOC’s & Odors
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2020 Technology Tested on Corona Virus by  3rd party labs

Respicaire OdorMiser DTX™ is an Advanced Photo-Catalytic Oxidation & Carbon Absorption Air Treatment System for your central heating and cooling system. It utilizes 3 unique processes to reduce & inactivate Airborne & Surface Molds, Virus, Bacteria, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and Odors. It is particularly effective at reducing odor causing gases & VOC’s with its’ Enhanced Honeycomb technology.


Corona Viruses are responsible for today's pandemic. They can be inactivated and controlled by UVC Air Purifiers

Cooking Odors
Cooking Odors

Daily cooking & food odors remain in your indoor air for hours, sometimes days. These unwanted odors can be removed typically within an hour or two with OdorMiser DTX

Cleaning Chemical
Cleaning Chemical

Household cleaning chemicals add to the increased level of VOCs in your indoor air. These gasses linger in your indoor air unless removed with an air purifier - OdorMiser DTX


Pathogens are many microorganisms that cause various diseases. They can be efficiently eliminated in your HVAC system and your living space by an engineered whole house air purifier.

39047883_ml pets 2
39047883_ml pets 2

Pets odors and dander add to indoor air contamination. To help with that issue, chose one of Respicaire air purifiers.

Household garbage odors
Household garbage odors

Household decomposing garbage releases unpleasant gasses into our indoor air.


The DTX Air Purifier cleans your air in Three Distinct Ways.

First, the powerful Germicidal UVC light works to kill & reduce airborne pathogens such as Virus, bacteria & molds while providing surface treatment for evaporative coils. Next, the Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors & gases which tend to linger indoors. Cooking odors have a lingering stay power unless removed by air purifier by trapping them inside the carbon cells. Thirdly, the PCO Oxidation Cells work to oxidize airborne VOC’s which off-gas from various electronics, plastics and artificial materials inside the homes. This unique combination of 3 processes enhances effectiveness as it purifies your indoor air while it recirculates through your central heating and cooling sytem.

16 inch Respicaire Replacement lamp for
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The OdorMiser DTX helps eliminate airborne Odors, Bacteria, Virus, Microbes, Molds & Gases with 3 industry proven processes

Features Large Surface area for Oxidation and Absorption

for a very  potent and effective Air purification 

16" Models for larger ducts and coils

High output UVC Twin Tube Lamps for optimal disinfection zone

Great for people with Allergies, Asthma and other Respiratory Issues

 Three cleansing processes Purify, Oxidize & Disinfect your indoor air

as it recirculates through your home​!


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Maintenance is simple and convenient. Simply replace your UVC Germicidal lamp once a year for optimum performance.

Some other components may need periodic servicing. Contact your installing contractor or Respicaire to find out more.