MoldMiser S™

Designed for Air Handlers & Fan Coil units

Potent UVC rays at 245 nm for ozone free purification

Inactivates Bacteria, Virus, Mold Spores & Keeps coil free of biofilm

MoldMiser S™ is an Ultra Violet Germicidal A/C Coil treatment system designed for internal installation in your central heating & cooling systems.

It features our “GCA” processes designed to help inactivate & control molds, virus, bacteria, & microbs inside your HVAC system and helps inactivate micro-organisms that may pass through with recirculating indoor air.

MoldMiser S™  are installed inside your Air Handler or Heat pump so the UVC rays can bathe evaporative coils and create an inactivation zone for passing microbes.

The MoldMiser S™ produces specific wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light at 245 nm. These wavelength is also called a killing light as it is harmful to live micro-organisms. 

This high potency light penetrates & kills exposed microbial inside your heating and cooling system. The “Germicidal Cleansing Action” (GCA) helps clean your indoor air around the clock.

The UVC lamps used in MoldMiser S are ozone free.